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There are 4 main categories of items in Night of the Dead. Items can be found throughout the battlefield and are equipped or stored in your Equipment or Inventory slots. Carrying too many equipment can weigh down your Marine, so try to travel as lightly as possible when on the move. Heavier infantry like Assault and Demolitions can carry more equipment with lower movespeed penalty.

TIP: It's important to pool items and allocate them to the best member of your squad. For example, a Barrett Sniper Rifle would probably be more useful on a Marksman if one is available.

There are 14 weapons available to Marines. Many weapons fulfill a specific role. The UA GPR-12 is the standard issue rifle for all UGC Marines and has good all-round performance.
Gauss Pistol
UGC Arms General Purpose Rifle (UA GPR-12)
Marksman Rifle
Flamethrower MK-3
UA420 Assault Rifle
M5 Pulse Rifle
L3 Grenade Launcher
Laser Rifle
Barrett Sniper Rifle
Arclite Hecate (Future Development)
Rail Gun (Future Development)

C2 Armor
C4 Armor
C6 Armor
XS-4 Armor
Reactive Armor
Kinetic Armor

Arc Reactor
High-Capacity Magazine
Augmented Legs
Nano-Health Augment
Ocular Implants
Riot Shield
Armor Piercing Ammo
High-Explosive Ammo
Full Metal Jacket Ammo
Hollow Point Ammo
TX-1 Ammo (Future Development)

Ammo Box
Road Flare
Fibrin Bandage
Cloaking Charge (Future Development)
Adrenaline Shot (Future Development)

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