Who are the developers on Night of the Dead?

Development of NOTD began in 2010 and the team originally consisted of 3 individuals from Malaysia and Singapore. Since then, many hands have shaped NOTD and the current team is a multinational group of superheroes.

  • Daren Yoong (Ability)
  • Charles Passen (Kithrixx) - Balance/Concept/Design
  • ArcanePariah - Programmer
  • Shooz - Community Manager
  • Tristan Stallans (Blaqk) - Webmaster/Other
  • Commlink - Modeler
  • Tan Yik Boon (Earendil) - Programmer
  • Richard Lim (Xavi) - Writer
  • Quassy - Loading Screen Designer
Additional credits goes to Peerawatz, Ghost, DinLouz and Holly for helping out in NOTD's design, bug testing, coding and artwork.
Night of the Dead
Apr 16, 2013
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