What's Night of the Dead's current development status?

After 1 year of heavy development and beta testing, NOTD v1.0 was released on June 2011. Xavi and Earendil have retired since March 2012 (you can still find Xavi and I playing Diablo 3 occasionally these days). Kithrixx, Ghost, ArcanePariah and Peerawatz are currently playing an active role in NOTD's development as we continue to refine, polish and fix bugs.

We don't foresee any new major content (new classes, storylines) added into the current map. Instead, we will continuously polish this game right up to the release of Legacy of the Void (3rd StarCraft II Expansion due in 2015).

More Recently (4/13/2013 - 4/14/2013) we had our first official tournament and also participated in the Swarm of Hearts livestream/charity event.
Night of the Dead
Apr 16, 2013
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