Basic Gameplay

Can I revive?

No, your Marine cannot be revived when killed. New players will have 9 ‘lives’, where you will be ‘Badly Injured’ if you have less than 20% HP remaining. During this period, you will be invulnerable and your HP will regenerate quickly. Find safetly quickly when this happens.

Do keep in mind, as your rating increases your extra lives decrease.

How do I equip and drop items?

By default, left-clicking on your inventory slots will Equip/Use them. To drop items, click on the ‘Equip’ button to toggle left-clicks to Drop mode.

Why do I keep dying?!

NOTD is first and foremost a team-oriented game. You need to stay with your teammates to ensure that you get enough firepower and support. Your Marine is vulnerable when he’s reloading because he can’t attack. If you see dangerous enemies, Sprint (Z hotkey) towards your teammates for backup. Avoid getting hit by enemies and pick up armor and medical supplies. Join channel 'NOTD' on your server to play with a community of experienced and helpful players to improve your odds. Good luck!

How do I get more Experience?

You get more XP by completing missions fast, progressing to Chapter 2 & 3, and doing optional sub-missions. To make this happen, you should keep your team alive and work together. It is a good idea to look for friends who you can play regularly with. Visit our forum and channel 'NOTD'to find players in your server.
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