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What is Night of the Dead (NOTD)?

Night of the Dead (NOTD) is an 8 player cooperative survival game for StarCraft 2 that is played by up to 500,000 players at its peak. It is inspired by the successful NOTD franchise in WarCraft III. NOTD will be easy to learn, hard to master. An average game of NOTD lasts 45-60 minutes. There are 3 unique Storylines with 3 Chapters each to immerse yourself in. As you continue progressing in NOTD, you gain access to new classes, stats and ranks.

NOTD has received positive recognition from PC Gamer and The Star (Malaysia's leading English daily). NOTD has also been a Blizzard featured map across SEA, NA and EU servers.

Who are the developers on Night of the Dead?

Development of NOTD began in 2010 and the team originally consisted of 3 individuals from Malaysia and Singapore. Since then, many hands have shaped NOTD and the current team is a multinational group of superheroes.

  • Daren Yoong (Ability)
  • Charles Passen (Kithrixx) - Balance/Concept/Design
  • ArcanePariah - Programmer
  • Shooz - Community Manager
  • Tristan Stallans (Blaqk) - Webmaster/Other
  • Commlink - Modeler
  • Tan Yik Boon (Earendil) - Programmer
  • Richard Lim (Xavi) - Writer
  • Quassy - Loading Screen Designer
Additional credits goes to Peerawatz, Ghost, DinLouz and Holly for helping out in NOTD's design, bug testing, coding and artwork.

What's Night of the Dead's current development status?

After 1 year of heavy development and beta testing, NOTD v1.0 was released on June 2011. Xavi and Earendil have retired since March 2012 (you can still find Xavi and I playing Diablo 3 occasionally these days). Kithrixx, Ghost, ArcanePariah and Peerawatz are currently playing an active role in NOTD's development as we continue to refine, polish and fix bugs.

We don't foresee any new major content (new classes, storylines) added into the current map. Instead, we will continuously polish this game right up to the release of Legacy of the Void (3rd StarCraft II Expansion due in 2015).

More Recently (4/13/2013 - 4/14/2013) we had our first official tournament and also participated in the Swarm of Hearts livestream/charity event.

Does Night of the Dead have a save code?

Yes. The save system in NOTD - known as a Bank - is automated. You don’t have to remember any 12 digit codes like in WarCraft 3. This allows players to carry forward their achievements and specializations into each new game. Your Bank stores key data like Experience, Rank, Medals, Credits and Wins history. You should also regularly backup your bank, our utility 'Vigil' can do this for you; or you can find a tutorial in the forums to assist you with a manual procedure.

How many classes does Night of the Dead have?


What is unique about Night of the Dead?

NOTD will deliver an unforgettable and rich gameplay experience for our players by:
  • Relentless focus on execution - We will be rigorous in improving gameplay, fine tuning and listening to player feedback. The community will key a major influence on NOTD's development when the Dev Team makes decisions. Execution is the only vision that the player sees. We have received consistent feedback that we are one of the most polished StarCraft 2 mod. To date, we've spent more than 3500+ hours in development. Apart from Aeon of Storms (formerly Storm of the Imperial Sanctum), almost no other mod comes close.
  • Pushing the limits of the SC2 engine - Our innovations will be vital in bringing our detailed universe to life.
  • Focus on replayability - Players will have options that influence the direction of the game and their classes. Problems can be solved in many ways. The game story will unravel further as you progress in ranks and take on greater responsibilities in each mission. A Private will experience the game and story in completely different light from a Captain.

What's the story behind Night of the Dead?

A viral outbreak has been reported in the Apollo Lunar Facility. Your squad of marines has been sent in as an advance team to provide reconnaissance. Read the NOTD Backstory.

Can I revive?

No, your Marine cannot be revived when killed. New players will have 9 ‘lives’, where you will be ‘Badly Injured’ if you have less than 20% HP remaining. During this period, you will be invulnerable and your HP will regenerate quickly. Find safetly quickly when this happens.

Do keep in mind, as your rating increases your extra lives decrease.

How do I equip and drop items?

By default, left-clicking on your inventory slots will Equip/Use them. To drop items, click on the ‘Equip’ button to toggle left-clicks to Drop mode.

Why do I keep dying?!

NOTD is first and foremost a team-oriented game. You need to stay with your teammates to ensure that you get enough firepower and support. Your Marine is vulnerable when he’s reloading because he can’t attack. If you see dangerous enemies, Sprint (Z hotkey) towards your teammates for backup. Avoid getting hit by enemies and pick up armor and medical supplies. Join channel 'NOTD' on your server to play with a community of experienced and helpful players to improve your odds. Good luck!

How do I get more Experience?

You get more XP by completing missions fast, progressing to Chapter 2 & 3, and doing optional sub-missions. To make this happen, you should keep your team alive and work together. It is a good idea to look for friends who you can play regularly with. Visit our forum and channel 'NOTD'to find players in your server.

I ran out of ammo. What should I do?

There are Magazines & Ammo Boxes dropped in random locations around the map. Pick these up as you perform missions and recon. You can also conserve ammo by using Marksman Rifles during low-intensity combat. Type '-ammo' or '-a' in-game to find out how much ammo your team has.

What do I receive for donating?

For supporting the community's server costs, we feel it's good to give something back to those who help to support server and forum costs.

To start out, donation benefits are cumulative; in that if you were to donate 5$ one day and then another 5$ down the line; you'd receive both the 5$ and the 10$ rewards.

One thing to keep in mind over all these benefits is that, abuse will not be tolerated; nore does this give you carte blanche to act however you want, if you abuse the granted privileges they can be revoked and/or you could be banned for a limited time.

Another to keep in mind with that said, is that if you are to be banned for abusing privileges granted and attempt a charge-back to get back at the site; you will more then likely end up banned for an even lengthier set of time.

However, if there is extenuating circumstances that back up a need to charge-back for a real reason please contact a site admin before doing so, so that we may be prepared.

One that isn't stated, but is globally available for all donation amounts above minimum (5$) is that you no longer have to deal with the ad at the top of the page.

Anyways on to what you're looking for!
(All rewards stated in USD)
  • 5.00 - Post Ratings System
    • This ones self explanatory, look at the bottom of posts; you'll gain the ability to add to others now instead of just viewing.
  • 10.00 - Custom Username Styling
    • This can be anywhere from a special text color on your username, to fun CSS styling (if it's the latter, you'll have to provide it yourself)
    • Keep in mind it has to work on the forum, you can't have gigantic text that breaks the look & feel of the forum.
    • Requires PM'ing Mirage for this one.
  • 20.00 - Custom Title Access
    • This one is within reason, you can't title yourself administrator and expect to get away with it.
  • 25.00 - Custom Title Styling
    • Same thing as the username styling, just you know; for your user title.
    • Requires PM'ing Mirage for this one.
  • 40.00 - Custom Post Styling
    • Allows you to have custom CSS for all your posts.
    • Keep in mind it has to work on the forum, you can't have gigantic text that breaks the look & feel of the forum.
    • Requires PM'ing Mirage for this one.
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