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NOTD Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is NOTD?
Night of the Dead (NOTD) is an 8 player cooperative survival game for StarCraft 2 that is played by up to 500,000 players at its peak. It is inspired by the successful NOTD franchise in WarCraft III. NOTD will be easy to learn, hard to master. An average game of NOTD lasts 45-60 minutes. There are 3 unique Storylines with 3 Chapters each to immerse yourself in. As you continue progressing in NOTD, you gain access to new classes, stats and ranks.

NOTD has received positive recognition from PC Gamer and The Star (Malaysia's leading English daily). NOTD has also been a Blizzard featured map across SEA, NA and EU servers.

2. Who are the developers on NOTD?
The NOTD Dev Team consist of 3 individuals from Malaysia and Singapore. We're working adults and dedicate most of our free time to NOTD (cue angry girlfriends). You can read more about the NOTD Dev Team here. Development for NOTD StarCraft started in July 2010.
Daren Yoong (Ability): Designer
Tan Yik Boon (Earendil): Programmer (Retired)
Richard Lim (Xavi): Writer (Retired)

Additional credits goes to Peerawatz, ArcanePariah, Kithrixx, Ghost, DinLouz and Holly for helping out in NOTD's design, bug testing, coding and artwork.

3. What is NOTD's current development status?
After 1 year of heavy development and beta testing, NOTD v1.0 was released on June 2011. Xavi and Earendil have retired since March 2012 (you can still find Xavi and I playing Diablo 3 occasionally these days). Kithrixx, Ghost, ArcanePariah and Peerawatz are currently playing an active role in NOTD's development as we continue to refine, polish and fix bugs.

We don't foresee any new major content (new classes, storylines) added into the current map. Instead, we will continuously polish this game right up to the release of Legacy of the Void (3rd StarCraft II Expansion due in 2015).

4. Does NOTD have a save code?
Yes. The save system in NOTD - known as a Bank - is automated. You don’t have to remember any 12 digit codes like in WarCraft 3. This allows players to carry forward their achievements and specializations into each new game. Your Bank stores key data like Experience, Rank, Medals, Credits and Wins history. You should also regularly backup your bank.

5. How many classes does NOTD have?
NOTD has 14 unlockable classes. Units will be “heroes” that can learn multi-tiered skills. Your classes will also have 2 talent trees, which operate similar to World of WarCraft. Each class has 10 talents to choose from. This allows the classes to be played in a diverse manner (e.g. combat medic vs. heal or hybrid).

6. What is unique about NOTD?
NOTD will deliver an unforgettable and rich gameplay experience for our players by:
7. What is the NOTD story?
A viral outbreak has been reported in the Apollo Lunar Facility. Your squad of marines has been sent in as an advance team to provide reconnaissance. Read the NOTD backstory here.

8. How can I offer suggestions & report bugs for NOTD?
Your can give suggestion in our NOTD forums. After registering, please introduce yourself in the General Discussion forum. We're always happy to meet new community members around the world.


1. Can I revive?
No, your Marine cannot be revived when killed. New players will have 9 ‘lives’, where you will be ‘Badly Injured’ if you have less than 20% HP remaining. During this period, you will be invulnerable and your HP will regenerate quickly. Find safetly quickly when this happens.

2. How Do I equip/drop items?
By default, left-clicking on your inventory slots will Equip/Use them. To drop items, click on the ‘Equip’ button to toggle left-clicks to Drop mode.

3. I Keep on dying. What’s wrong?
NOTD is first and foremost a team-oriented game. You need to stay with your teammates to ensure that you get enough firepower and support. Your Marine is vulnerable when he’s reloading because he can’t attack. If you see dangerous enemies, Sprint (Z hotkey) towards your teammates for backup. Avoid getting hit by enemies and pick up armor and medical supplies. Join channel 'NOTD' on your server to play with a community of experienced and helpful players to improve your odds. Good luck!

4. How do I get more XP?
You get more XP by completing missions fast, progressing to Chapter 2 & 3, and doing optional sub-missions. To make this happen, you should keep your team alive and work together. It is a good idea to look for friends who you can play regularly with. Visit our forum and channel 'NOTD'to find players in your server.

5. I Ran Out of Ammo. What should I do?
There are Magazines & Ammo Boxes dropped in random locations around the map. Pick these up as you perform missions and recon. You can also conserve ammo by using Marksman Rifles during low-intensity combat. Type '-ammo' or '-a' in-game to find out how much ammo your team has.

Find out more in the NOTD Wiki. We also answer your questions regularly at our Q&A thread.

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