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NOTD Fan Fiction

A collection of fan fiction written by the NOTD community.

The Apollo Conspiracy
- Learn the truth about what really happened in Apollo by ArcturusV.

The Deimos Incident
- Learn more about the origins of Deimos in this fac fiction written by Nicarco.

The Perfect Mutation
- An unwitting group of scientists give birth to a fearsome horror in this fac fiction written by Nicarco.

Nicarco's NOTD Backstory
- Nicarco expands on the NOTD universe in this fan fiction.

Easy Company
- Read about the trials and tribulations faced by Easy Company in Zuriel's epic fan fiction.

If you would like to contribute to our fan fiction, share your stories at the General Discussion forum. While NOTD is about zombies in space, that's not the only or central point to our universe. We're generally looking for character-driven stories that fit into NOTD's political-military theme. I also recommend this article on fan fiction by The Escapist.

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