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Night of the Dead (NOTD) started out as a hobby and grew into a passion. Today, more than 500,000 players globally enjoy NOTD with their friends. We believe NOTD can grow into a larger franchise over time - the big hairy goal is to be the next Star Wars. It's a challenging goal, but it's worth a shot and we'll have fun working towards it.

The Dev Team has spent more than 3000+ hours to continuously develop and refine NOTD. This is a journey that never ends and we can't do this without the community. Running the website, hosting our servers, and even our regular work sessions costs money. Every time you donate, you're helping ease the development of NOTD - a game which you've been enjoying. As a guideline, we typically receive donations of $10 or $25. Every individual contribution counts and we strive to use your donations responsibly.

If you'd like to know more, please PM Ability on the NOTD Forum. Thank you for your continued support!

Our Contributors:
Jacob De Leon
Zhang Tianhao
Christopher Cheaney
Gabriel Seow
Michael Landau
James Seaniger
Tim Dagg
Krzysztof Warzecha

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