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Development on Night of the Dead (NOTD) started in July 2010 with a 3 man development team from Asia - Ability (Developer), Earendil (Programmer) and XaVi (Storyline). NOTD was inspired by the high-quality NOTD maps from WarCraft 3. What we particularly liked about the franchise was the early developer's dedication to quality and polish. NOTD is a mod which goes through thousands of iterations and is always improving.


We decided that NOTD needed sufficient unique content to hold on its own as a cooperative survival game. One way of achieving this was to come up with a then new concept of multiple storylines within 1 map to add dynamic replayability and give our players reason to have repeat games. We knew we wanted each storyline to tell our story from a different perspective, and even slightly different timeline. The storylines progress in reverse chronological order starting from Easy Company.

NOTD Storyline Selection


We wanted to create talent trees for our Marines to add flavor and options - as well as make each Hero diverse. To do this, we decided to re-apply Blizzard's classic Diablo and World of Warcraft Talent Trees (which will also be used for Kerrigan in Heart of the Swarm). Each Hero has 10 talents under 3 tiers across 2 unique trees. Each Talent Tree builds the Hero's specific capabilities - e.g. an Assault can build a DPS or Tank class based on his Talent Tree choice. Some classes also build effective Hybrids (mix of both trees).

Rifleman talent tree
Rifleman's Talent Tree

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