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Night of the Dead (NOTD) has 14 playable Classes that are unlocked as you gain Ranks. Each class has its own stats and talents and each has a different way of how to be played. Some can withstand punishment whilst others deal out punishment. A well-organized and planned team is essential in higher difficulties and more advanced storylines.


The Rifleman is the mainstay building block of the UGC Marine Corps. Well trained, disciplined and loyal - they are testament to the effectiveness of the Marine Corps. They are capable of conducting multiple infantry roles, including the highly offensive, defensive crowd control, and reconnaissance. In addition they are equipped with Power Armour Combat Suits that are the best the military can offer its soldiers. They are versatile, tough and deadly.


Medics are Marines who have undergone years of first aid training and combat medical experience. There is no injury or disease the Medic has not seen in her many years’ of deployment in exotic locations and hazardous war zones. They utilize latest medical technology to treat the wounded, ranging from lasers and emergency shield beacons. They too have the skills required to use nanotechnology, nanites are microscopic, programmable droids, which can sap, destroy and rebuild in equal measure. The Marine Corps has given the Medic the power over life and death.


The Assault troopers are either volunteers or recruits from the penal system. They undergo Juggernaut genetic therapy which increases muscle mass and bone density. The end result of this genetic manipulation is a hulking mass of muscle housed within a suit of powered armor. Their increased strength and endurance makes them excellent soldiers. They are employed by the Marine Corps to use the most heavy of weapons in gunner roles and a frontline point man to soak up onslaughts. The price of their increased weight and equipment they lug around is sluggish movement. Assault troopers are the slowest soldier on foot. They are a force of nature locked up in a metal shell..


- Unlocked at 100 XP
Recons are Marines who have served in the standard rifle companies and have returned to training to specialise in reconnaissance, and use of advanced personal technologies for stealth and target acquisition. In addition to training in moving silently and using special equipment, they are highly experienced in ambush tactics and are exceptionally lethal behind lines. They use special equipment such as targeting lasers, flares, cloaking fields and Reaper Mk 13 Drones. Independent, reliable and skilled the Recons are the eyes and secret hand of the Marine Corps.


- Unlocked at 500 XP
The Marksman provides long-range surgical support to the squad. He has unparalleled knowledge of employing long range weapons to ensure first hit kills. They are first identified during basic infantry training and once selected are taken away for specialist training. They are taught to utilise specialised ammunition, escape from dangerous situations, eliminate multiple targets behind cover, and other elements of sniper fieldcraft. They are regarded as black magicians by grunts, and although they travel with the infantry unit they seek positions with greatest fields of fire and often this means furthest back.


- Unlocked at 2000 XP
It is generally accepted that members of the Demolitions branch are misunderstood, sadistic misanthropes. Possessing high intelligence, they are controversial members of the Marine Corps. Recruited from the penal system, they represent a risk to other Marines, themselves and everything else. That said, they are masters at the usage of explosives and using them creatively. Being criminals they are also psychopathic and are some of the most sadistic members of the Marine Corps. In addition to using explosives they are occasionally deployed at the front, and they insist to charge into battle. Violently unstable but as long as they are pointing in the right direction, the Marine Corps will continue to train up or use up these loose cannon.

Combat Engineer

- Unlocked at 10,000 XP
Frontline serving members of the Engineer Corps are called Combat Engineers. Choosing to fight the enemy with both brain and brawn, they are accompanied by combat worthy robots, from the outright destructive X1 to the more versatile Field Probe. Combat Engineers are able to assess and exploit weaknesses with great skill. They are most feared for their utilisation of Nexus technology to influence biological organisms and even mind control them. Gruff, elitist and multi-talented the Combat Engineer no doubt belongs in the Marine Corps.


- Unlocked at 10,000 XP
Decades of combat and soul-scarring training produces the Commando. They are an elite unto themselves with no equal. Sometimes deployed on conventional operations their real talent lies in their use in unconventional warfare. They are the experts on direct action, striking with surgical precision and speed. Masters of weaponry; they are able to eliminate hundreds targets with no respite. Their weapon expertise extends even to tactical nuclear weaponry which UGC Command allows them to request when the Commando himself deems it appropriate. Serious power is invested in these “men”. Some are latent psychics who have unnerving abilities from being able to sense and feel through walls, invade the mind of another organism and teleport which they use for lethal means. There is no sharper tool in the Marine Corps inventory than these soldiers.


- Unlocked in Alpha Company Storyline
Convicts and criminals all. The men and women who become Flamethrowers have been removed from society and have joined or have been recruited by the Marine Corps. As their punishment they carry their prison with them in the form of their armor that is sealed shut and serving as the front line soldier. They mainly use flame weapons as its symbolic for a new beginning by purging the wretched and unclean creating new life from the ashes. Some of the Flamethrowers see this as being their lives. Others have taken to purging the unclean to a whole new level by becoming fanatical zealots of a holy order they founded in service of God. These zealots are empowered with the might of the righteous, armored paladins leading a crusade wherever they go. Their faith allows for them to do incredible feats smiting down targets and using it as their shield. Whatever may be the case, they are on the fringes of sanity and should be deployed in the vanguard of any military force.

Forward Observer

- Unlocked in Alpha Company Storyline
Soldiers who have qualified to choose a specialisation, Forward Observers are the pathfinders on the ground that zero in artillery and mark out drop zones. They are trained rigorously in all the doctrines of artillery and airborne firepower and have the technical and communications expertise to coordinate a strike on the enemy. They have permission to radio in F19 Bombers, drop pod shock troopers, off map artillery and the legendary Asgaard Gunship. Their role on the ground is to provide the link to command for accurate and precise support. They have all the mobilised assets of the Marine Corps at their fingertips.

Psi Ops

- Unlocked in Security Team Storyline
Psionic Operations (Psi Ops) is whispered in very low tones and banished from the mind quickly after. Operatives from Psi Ops are the pinnacle in psionic power of the human race allowing them to use powerful skills that bend time and space and allow them to manipulate the field in unimaginable ways. Mistrusted, they are believed to on constant vigil of the politicians in UGC. Independent observers have come to believe that corrupt and wayward politicians are 'dealt with' by these Operators - although none have ever been prosecuted or brought to trial. Members of the public stay away from them, and their recruitment booths are almost always devoid of visitors. They are very rarely seen on the field and only dispatched on ultra-secret missions. Just try not to think about them.


- Unlocked in Security Team Storyline
The Technicians are the marines that have proven their mechanical aptitude in being gifted in repair and upkeep of machines, weapons, and armor. Often deployed to settlements, they use their powerful Exosuits and the omnitools that they are equipped with to perform rudimentary repairs and haul supplies and debris with their nanosteel nets. Generally perceived to be mean spirited or antisocial, most technicians are simply workaholics that do not wish to be disturbed while working because they want to do the best job possible. Many perceive themselves to be playing second fiddle to the Engineer Corps, so the general result is that Technicians put in 110% when working to ensure that, should something break, it cannot be blamed on them being “not as good as those Engineer eggheads.” Despite not making the Engineer Corps, Technicians are often praised for their tenacity, being able to cobble together useful gadgets from scrap and retooling machinery to fit other purposes, such as manipulating weaponry with their omnitools and making their Exosuits into makeshift combat walkers.


- Unlocked in Security Team Storyline
Derived from the original Airborne Corps, Pathfinders are rapid response troops that go above and beyond "rapid", adhering to the creed that "where" is more important than "how many". They constantly patrol, looking for places to deploy at the slightest hint of danger. A large portion of the deployments of the past have been false alarms, but there have been times where the rapid response of the UGC Pathfinders has saved the lives of many. They are trained extensively in the use of light weapons and equipped with them as their primary weapon to make their insertions faster and smoother, and also equipped with personal propulsion systems so that they may maintain a high mobility profile.

Chemical Expert

- Unlocked in Security Team Storyline
It was not until the late 2090s that the Chemical-based armored infantry was becoming popular due to former restrictions prohibiting the use of lethal toxin and chemical industries, however, after the explosion of toxic waste facility in 2092 at Hercules Bay, the following incident results in valuable resources being destroyed and many areas were left with radiation, UGC finds that a group of chemical experts be deployed in Apollo Colony, at first the nexus took days to consider this case, as the colonists are questioning of the use of lethal chemical and the investment will be quite high, this however was soon solved as the first batch of Chemical Expert Teams quickly make short work of the chemical waste left from the explosion and thus a sight of heavily armored scientist clad in green can be generally seen around Apollo Lab and Bio-Domes.

Another responsibility of Chemical Expert Team is to invent new means of nano-technology and chemical drugs, while UGC Medic Division is equipped with technologies that has been guaranteed for safety and secure, the Chemical Expert Teams equips themselves with stuffs that is either a prototype or drugs that may have unusual side-effects, the most recent technology invented by the team is the H-7 Healing Beacon, which UGC plans to deploy them around Apollo, which would eliminate the needs of walking medics, though the first prototype is still unstable, and does not last very long. Known incidents includes the overcharged drug-administration when 2 beacons are connected, though it seems to give a rather benefits to the Marine Corps, The Chemical Expert Team believe they have to reconfigure this flaw soon before the final version can be distributed amongst the Medic Division.

However, their plans are to be on hold, as with the alarms and sirens ringing everywhere, they grab their pistols, for they know something has just gone wrong, as they emerges from their lab, they found the cities of Apollo in chaos with "highly-toxicated biological lifeforms" everywhere, they met with the local security team, and decides they have to "cleanse" their way to the rescue. Whether you'll become a deadly desolator or a friendly little but nasty chemical supporters is up to them now..

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