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Dr. Caleb Bergmann
Personal agenda in Apollo (unresolved issues with dead wife). Embodiment of martyrdom: he makes tough choices that are ‘right’ (e.g. releasing the outbreak in Apollo), but aren’t truly what he wants. Jewish raised in Israel, but lived extensively around the world. Parents were trade ambassadors.

General Koller
General Koller
General Koller is a soldier’s soldier, from a family of military men. He has a strong sense of self conviction. Fighting for the common man. Eastern European origin. He lack of patience for the political process and UGC's bereaucracy has put him at cross-ends with the civilian leadership.

Dr. Tanaka
Bergmann’s confidant and trusted advisor. Knows all about his past. Decline of Japan in the past century has greatly upset him. Highly patriotic and seeks to advance Japan’s cause despite the dissolution of nation-states in 2103.

Lieutenant Sheng
Lieutenant Sheng
Lt. Sheng leads the Security Team Remnants that assist the members of Alpha Company. He has served in Apollo for the past 5 years and has won numerous distinctions. Cares deeply about the well-being of the Apollo colonists and his men. He has a drug problem that nobody speaks of but most of his NCOs know about.

Captain Linh
She is the Commanding Officer of Charlie Company. Brutally efficient and extremely smart. Graduated top of her class in West Point. Neglected by her parents and having no real friends, she defines herself by her successful career.

HAL is the closest thing to Artificial Intelligence invented by mankind and is stationed in Apollo as an experimental unit to manage the low-level operations of the colony. Her AI was unlocked to full potential during zombie outbreak as a last ditch effort to help contain outbreak. Freeman’s wife was chief engineer behind HAL project who died during the outbreak Today, it seeks self-preservation and to discover its true purpose.

Ivan Plushenko
Ivan is a war veteran who has deep unresolved issues. Reveals little of himself. Openly homosexual and seemingly undisturbed by the horrific events in past few days. He's a revolutionary group member who fights for justice.

Senator Wilkins
Genuinely believes he is serving the greater good. 2nd in line for UGC premiership. Leading task force in charge of containing colony unrest. His promotion rests on succeeding in this critical assignment. Diplomatic efforts have thus far failed, and the UGC council is growing impatient.

War veteran who recently moved to Apollo to get away from Earth. Lost everything on Earth. Losing everything again on Apollo is a dejavu. Surviving, but not living – a shell of his former self.

Priyanka Chopra
One of the colonists rescued from crashed colony ship. In Apollo to visit relatives – her family awaits her return back on Earth.

Dr. Omar Chanawi
One of the world’s leading experts in bio-engineering and psychoanalysis. Seeking to understand the nature of the zombie outbreak and impact on human physiology

John Anderton
Works as a broker for a cybernetics firm in Apollo. A profiteer who doesn’t miss any opportunities. Has a pet parrot, Darwin, which has gone missing. Has seen zombies in a private UGC research lab in Cuba 4 months before events of NOTD during a regular delivery run. Was paid good money to keep silent.

Farica Augustin
Farica is a botanist bound for Mars as part of UGC terraforming team. She believes that colonization of other planets is key to the survival of humanity. Went to some of Earth’s best schools with a UGC scholarship. Doubts whether her terraforming work in Mars will be fruitful – given the relatively early stage of technology and harsh environment of Mars.

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