- NOTD TeamSpeak -

Server Address: notd.teamspeak3.com:4889
Password: notd
Nickname: [insert appropriate name here]

When using the NOTD TeamSpeak server, please remember these basic rules:
Any violators will be banned by Administrators and bans from the NOTD forums and game will also be reflected on the NOTD TeamSpeak. Our job is to keep it a harrassment-free zone so you can enjoy your gameplay with others.

I highly recommend you read the FAQ I have put together for you lovely lil zombie slayers. If you have any additional questions, feel free to post them below or contact me on NOTD TeamSpeak channel.

- FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) -
1) Why TeamSpeak 3?
As I have previously mentioned TeamSpeak 3 has more to offer than Mumble. Other than improved technical support and connections, TeamSpeak 3 has exciting additional add-ons that can be downloaded, as well as my personal favourite, unique icons next to your name to represent your achievements in NOTD. For example, Tournament Winners, Clan Members, NOTD exp ranks and Donators will all receive their icons in TeamSpeak.

2) Where do I download TeamSpeak 3?
There are multiple links you can find on the interwebz to find it if this one doesn't work for you, however the link I have provided caters for a lot of different platforms. Link provided:

3) I am having issues downloading TeamSpeak 3. What do?
The TeamSpeak website have put together a FAQ of common issues that may be of use to you, link provided: https://support.teamspeakusa.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/List/Index/10/english

4) How do I connect to the NOTD TeamSpeak server?
There's two simple ways you can go about connecting to the NOTD TeamSpeak channel.

a) Once downloaded open up TeamSpeak 3, click 'Connections', click 'Connect', fill in the following information below to the appropriate place, then hit 'Connect'.
Server Address: notd.teamspeak3.com:4889
Password: notd
Nickname: [insert appropriate name here]

b) Open up TeamSpeak 3, click on 'Bookmarks', click 'Manage Bookmarks', add a server and fill in the provided information if you haven't done so already, you can either click 'okay' or right click on the server and hit 'Connect'.

5) What do I do once I connect to NOTD TeamSpeak server?
Well my excited reader, when you connect to our NOTD TeamSpeak server for the first time, you should contact either myself, or any other Administrators (Administrators will be recognizable with a purple A icon) present on the TeamSpeak at the time, and inform them of your NOTD rank and whether you’re in a clan, a donator or tournament winner. Obviously, we'll have to verify it, but it'll be taken care of as soon as possible.

6) Is TeamSpeak just for PC users only?
NOPE! Oh isn't technology great these days.
I've provided a link below that explains how to use TeamSpeak 3 on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

7) Where can I donate to support NOTD TeamSpeak?
We have a paypal set up for donations for NOTD, link provided:

All donations will be used to maintain our glorious machine that is NOTD and its assets.

8) What should I name my account?
We would hope that players use a name that is the same or similar to their Forum or SC2 account names. Players may still choose a brand new name if they wish to, but we request you add your profile description to your TeamSpeak profile description for easy identification.

9) I am Clan Leader. What do get?
Recognized clans within the NOTD community may contact Administrators on the NOTD TeamSpeak server for private Clan channels. Clan leaders will also receive permissions to edit and move people within their clan channels.

10) Who are the TeamSpeak staff?
TeamSpeak splits to NOTD staff in several categories. Not all of them have equal powers and should be addressed as such. Staff can easily by identified color coded icons and sever tags.

Highest rank of staff within the TeamSpeak. In charge of most/all maintenance and clerical work. Administrators have the highest executive authority and handle the construction and improvement of the TeamSpeak. Contact Admins with concerns, suggestions, and other TeamSpeak related issues.
Night of the Dead staff who actively work on updating the map and creating NOTD2. They have access to most administrative privileges on TeamSpeak but are not to be bothered unless absolutely necessary.
Mid-ranking TeamSpeak members in charge of the day to day upkeep of the server. Mods can edit and assign user groups and some permissions but cannot create or edit channels. Their other main duty is the handling of punishments, including bans and kicks.
Community officers in charge of reporting and administering punishment to hackers. Their position on the TeamSpeak is not that of a Moderator and they are not to be addressed as such. Their primary duty lies on the Forum and their TeamSpeak title is more for identification. While Warden's TS privileges are minimal in nature they should still be treated with respect as they are trusted members of the community.

Thank you to the community for supporting both the NOTD game and its assets. I hope to see the community get more involved with each other on TeamSpeak and feel free to use the resources available to them.