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Blizzard's Free Arcade Launch Marathon!
The Endless Nightmare!

Friday, January 31 from 12pm to 12am (UTC-5 US East)

StarCraft II's Arcade is now free to play, and Blizzard wants to show off the best of the best with an event similar to the Holiday Marathon they hosted. For our part, I will be streaming a series of various NOTD games from the NA server (hopefully each company, several nightmares, and at least one survival) on my stream (yes, the one from Movie Night) for twelve straight hours which will be periodically be invaded by a guest streamer and broadcast by Blizzard themselves to potentially millions of people across the globe. This is an amazing opportunity to show off our game, our community, and our support. I will need many volunteers to round out the roster and, in...
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So with Patch 2.1 going live, we've been getting a lot of new players. As things go, a reasonable portion of these players happen to be girls. Unfortunately, a lot of these girls seem to be getting harassed or stalked by some community members. So much so that I've gotten six messages about it today.

Let me make myself perfectly clear: The NOTD community is intended to be a safe and comfortable one for all audiences.

If I find that you are causing a problem and making someone feel unsafe? I will personally ensure you are banned from not only the community, but NOTD and NOTD 2 as well. Forever. If someone provides me with evidence that you've been harassing them, you're gone permanently.

There is no excuse for this sort of behavior. I shouldn't have to hear about a 14 year old girl getting dick pic offers from a 25 year old man. It is beyond ridiculous that I even have to make this post.

For those of you that this post is referencing...
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Once upon a time, not too long ago, there was a promised land of merriment and wonder called NOTD. It was a haven to brave men, women, and Froblocks who gathered to share stories of battle and to seek glory. Merriment and joy was abundant and the chalices of these brave warriors overflowed with mirth. As battles raged and years sailed by the faces of old were joined by flocks of scamps seeking the promised land and their place among the stars. Time passed and old names began to fade into memory as new confederates, who once stood at the heels of champions, carried the banner with honor and valor. Though these names may have passed from the minds and tongues of the young and ambitious that now hold sword and shield against malevolence, the memories and deeds of the old guard will never fade from their hearts. These vanguards of old have lain their mark on the promised land, each becoming a part of the tapestry of its history, and have shaped the land from virgin wilderness to a...
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Jan 10th edit:



Thank you all so much for your support. We look forward to delivering the best experience we can to you.

All of the features of the upcoming game can be found within that link. As a special Forums bonus, any donations made with a forum account linked to them will also earn the associated forum donation perks with the amount donated to the Kickstarter.

Lock and load, folks! It's about to get crazy.
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Recently we have added Commlink to the development team in preparation for NOTD 2. He'll be working with us to bring new custom models to the NOTD universe that will give the game a unique feeling.

Commlink has a history of working with SC2 mods in the past and his work on each project left it with something that people immediately identify the game with.

Everyone please welcome him and give feedback on any work he's posted here for you to review. Welcome to the team Commlink!