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NOTD 2: The Marksman
Frontpage'd because so many have been waiting for it

I could put a bunch of stuff here about why I made certain decisions but there’s a 100% chance that someone is going to be mad about the updates so I’m going to save time and just say “if you have any questions about why I did [thing], ask and I will explain it.” I intended to be on vacation for a much longer time but as it turns out I finished the majority of the Marksman update in my sleep one night and decided that I might as well finish it.

Class Name: Marksman
Class Biography: UGC Marksmen are soldiers who are chosen for their ability to provide accurate fire at all times.
Class Stats: Same as NOTD.
Class Soundset: Ghost (Placeholder)

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This was something NiteShade brought up and I felt was a strong idea for us to implement. We are looking to replace the current Player Lives system with an Incapacitate mechanic. This works like many FPS games (e.g. Battlefield/Gears of War) where another player would have to revive your player. The player has a fixed window of revival (e.g. 60 seconds) and that window drops as the player's rating/game difficulty increases. The work on this will be done by Miracle, Tristan and I while the core development team (Kithrixx/ArcanePariah/Commlink) focuses on NOTD 2. Key development reason for doing this is to help improve new player learning and retention.

- Incapacitate is a more intuitive mechanic than Player Lives
- Reinforces teamwork by having teammates revive incapacitated players
- Keeps new players in the game longer

Additional background from NiteShade's original post:
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Now that Rock the Cabinet deadline is complete, we are going to need all the resources we can get - from the Development Team and community - to help identify the root cause of replay issues and fix it. Replays are critical in a game and is something that needs to be fixed as a top priority.

We've been trying to fix this for the past 1 year and this now requires a more systematic approach. NOTD is a large map and going through a process of elimination can help us get closer to an answer.

Changing Enemy Player Handicap after 20 seconds into the game is what's causing Replays to break. After disabling those Actions and testing EC/Alpha Hardened, Replays now work.

We are applying a fix to Replays by next patch.
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Hi everyone! One day a strange idea came to me: Steam has a huge community and player base, so why not attempt to promote NOTD (and indirectly StarCraft) outside StarCraft itself in attempt to get a lot more new players into this? After all, arcade games are free with starter account so they won't even need to pay a cent to play NOTD, right?

So I asked Blaqk about this and he mentioned that Mirage made a NOTD group on Steam previously. After a bit of searching, I found it. To my horror, it has only 5 members and not even one bit of information:
Old Group (DO NOT USE)

So I thought: why not make a proper one that could reach out more easily to players on Steam, making use of its existing functionalities to make announcements whenever NOTD/NOTD2 has new events and updates?

This is what I came up with: (, it still has a lot of things that could be added...
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- NOTD TeamSpeak -
Hello everyone! I've got some exciting news for you all!

The NOTD community is moving to TeamSpeak 3 as their chosen Voice Chat program in anticipation for the launch of NOTD 2!

We're very excited about TeamSpeak as it offers a lot more opportunities to us rather than the Mumble server we were using. We will be shutting down our Mumble server on the 31st of March 2014, after which point it will no longer be in use and we encourage all of the community to download TeamSpeak 3 (which is free) and join the movement!

You can find the NOTD TeamSpeak information required to connect right here!

Server Address:
Nickname: [insert appropriate name...