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NOTD 2: The Commando

I don’t know exactly what happened but it seems like every time I sat down to actually work on the Commando I’d wind up doing something else – usually a whole lot of something else. It’s finally done to my satisfaction for the time being, so hooray for that.

Class Name: Commando
Class Biography: UGC Commandos are living legends, cunning and lethal veterans that have survived hundreds of dangerous missions.
Class Stats: As NOTD.
Class Soundset: Niteshade Special

Ability Name:
Ability Button Description:
The Commando’s experience in handling...
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Now that the armor and classification is settled in with no apparent kinks, we can move on to simplifying weapons along with it. Currently, weapons can have up to 4 bonuses or maluses which makes choosing which to use in which situation difficult for new players, and makes calculating damage a real pain in the ass for others. Over the past month I have been testing (with various community members) weapons with the following stats:


First numerical column is damage per shot, followed by bonus, armor reduction, attack speed, base DPS, and bonus DPS in that order.

This greatly simplifies weapons, alleviating the information overload new players experience while ensuring that all weapons are good choices for the correct situation. You may notice that some weapons were buffed slightly to bring them to par with the others. SMG may look nerfed at first glance but changes to its splash damage and ammo efficiency will make it better overall. You...
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NOTD 2: User Interface
lucket teh culurs!
I am pleased to announce that Sym has finished both the HUD and the Team Bar for NOTD 2, and we will be implementing them as soon as we find the time.


Now, the HUD you've most likely seen already, and the updates are mostly just tweaks such as moving the Equipment Bar closer to the Inventory and other minor adjustments. The most notable addition is the Team Bar, which works a little differently from how it does in NOTD.

  • First of all, the viewing players' box is larger than that of their companions and situated at the top. This is to aid players in keeping track of themselves. The remaining teammembers will be listed in sequential order below.
  • The displayed portrait will not necessarily correspond to whatever class the players have chosen, as Custom...
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I continue to be bored and uninspired by the Commando. Have another secret class.

Class Name: Trickster
Class Biography: A man of extraordinary charm and luck, John Doe has managed to swindle his way into the UGC Military and somehow land himself in Argus Company without going through the required combat training or serving the necessary deployment time.
Class Stats:
Hitpoints: 200
Hitpoint regen: 0.45
Shields: 50
Shield regen: 1
Energy: 100
Energy regen: 0.75
Armor: 2...
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Mandatory Youtube Link

Okay. Number one complaint from new players about NOTD 2 is that the Reload hotkey is T, not R. And honestly, I see no reason to not change it.

Reload and whatever abilities currently have the hotkey of R can be swapped, and Reload being R just feels better in general. However, because of NOTD's legacy, there's a good chance that people will obtain the upset over changing Reload to R, so I'm going to toss up a poll to see what ye olde forume goeres think.

The results of the vote will influence my decision, although to what measure I cannot say - that will ultimately depend on how many votes and how much discussion happens.

A decision will be made by Feburary 10th. Hop to it if you care.