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Forward Observer 2.0

Major changes include:
  • The Forward Observer now has over 400 ability permutations to keep track of. Have fun.
  • The Forward Observer has two Submenus that the majority of their skills are stored under: Orbital Artillery and Mobile Infantry. While the 15 slots of the Command Card are very generous, my endeavor to boost the Forward Observer to absurd heights caused me to hit the limit almost immediately.
  • The Forward Observer no longer has limited Shells. This is due to Energy and Energy Boosts largely not mattering if the FO's limiting factor is their shell count. While having limited shells does lend a unique gameplay element to the Forward Observer, it invalidates too many other things to be worth it.
  • The Forward Observer no longer...
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The unfortunate truth is that the Gravity Gun is just too versatile. Not only does it have excellent damage and crowd control, it is an extremely useful tool that has many valuable support functions. Attempting to balance around it has been something of a nightmare, even in NOTD 2's less linear and more mobile setting.

However, while the Gravity Gun itself is gone, its spirit lives on in the Psi Ops' Telekinesis tree. All of the Gravity Gun's functions are replicated through Telekinesis abilities, and there's less of a chance for horrifying bugs from multiple grab effects due to the class limit.

I apologize for not being able to fit the Gravity Gun into NOTD 2 in its original form, but attempting to include the Gravity Gun in a way that I was satisfied with has been one of the major reasons that Mission production has been so slow. At the very least, one of the upsides of the Gravity Gun officially being cut is that I will be able to shell out missions faster because I will no...
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Due to some confusion from newer members and the drama wrought by others, I'm going to lay out what's going on with NOTD (not NOTD 2) and what to expect:

  • There is an Anniversary Patch coming by month's end
    • This patch will add a free pet
    • This patch will have a couple bugfixes
    • This patch may have some model updates
After that...
  • NOTD's development has ceased
    • There will be no further balance changes
    • There will be no further content updates
    • All resources will be directed towards the sequel
  • Major bugfixes will continue
  • NOTD is not dead
  • NOTD is not abandoned
  • NOTD is finished

We're done with NOTD, folks. We have obligations to our backers to put every bit of time and resources we have into NOTD 2. We do not do this for a living, so "time" is the one thing we do not have in abundance. That is why we continue to expand the NOTD 2 development team so...
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NOTD 2 Q&A: Ask Me Anything Edition
Because it's about time we had another Q&A thread
I was talking with some dudes the other day and they were pretty concerned about some features of NOTD that were going to be addressed/upgraded in the sequel, and it occurred to me that a lot has changed since the original design pitch of NOTD 2 and the Kickstarter campaign and yadda yadda.


Ask whatever your little heart desires and I'll serve up an answer.
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Welcome to the Nu-Rifleman. I'm rewriting the thread completely because the original is an absolute nightmare of formatting - since establishing an actual system of how to write these things, it's better for everyone to completely rewrite all of it. For those curious, we'll be focusing on cleaning up the Tier 1 classes once we hit Beta (aka having at least 20 missions and the credit store running) and then move on to Tier 2 so it's going to be a little while before this goes live, but it'll happen in due time.

Additionally, we're going to have to redo ability cooldowns and durations based on Legacy of the Void's game speed/timescale changes, so I'm going to be factoring those in ahead of time.

So, the Rifleman's problems:
  • Focus Fire's energy drain is way too high. It's not worth its cost in its default form, and the energy drain severely limits the amount of casting a...