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We will convert to HOTS on 1 Jul 2013. Please let me know if any violent objections. AP will also do some research on the conversion process to ensure we don't face any unexpected surprises (e.g. triggers or abilities breaking, game crashing, units missing models).

Blizzard has also made it possible for people to play HOTS content as long as you party with someone with HOTS:

Rationale for timing:
- 4 months since HOTS release. This gives enough buffer time for people to upgrade. There's no hard sales figures on HOTS, but my sense is at least 80% of StarCraft II players have upgraded
- With the new introduction of 'Spawning' by Blizzard, NOTD is technically accessible by everyone (just not in all conditions - without HOTS you can't join a pub NOTD game alone).
- There's useful content in HOTS (models, sound, abilities and terrain) that we can use. It's meaningful enough to give the developers more tools to polish...
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Hello everyone, come, join, and play our alpha, here's fast preview of the game in the slow mode.

Make sure, you definetly play the prologue first! :) - website
The Red Solstice - Alpha KEY: hEREbNB9

Our bandwith was breached last weekend so we had to resort to different solution.

Thank you all and spread the word, everyone can play!
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Put simply, if you haven't noticed the read/unread and page/link icons aren't exactly fitting of our general color scheme, so I'd like to get them redone, right now they're in sprite sheet form (See below, that's 4 images in one single image) so I'd like submissions in that same form, and same dimensions.


So what do you get for this?

The 5$ donation tier reward (Post ratings thing, you know you want to!)

If you're feeling up to the task, PM me for more details.
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Here's how you reset your password if you're migrated over..

Apparently some people have some issues with CSS being cached from previous forums, try using Ctrl + F5 to clear this, or occasionally ctrl+shift+F5

If you were a Black Ops on previous forum, PM me to have it reinstated, we're using this migration as a way to weed out inactivity.

BBCode Changes
  • You don't need to manually do YouTube links anymore, just paste the link to YouTube video and the forum will auto-parse them. This should also work for other sites supported by the site, like Vimeo and such.
  • Code:
    [align=center] is now [center] and same for left/right aligns.
  • URL's? Just select the text you want to use as a 'link' with mouse then hit the little chain icon at the top of the editor.

That'll be all for now!
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Night of the Dead Forums Rules & Code of Conduct

So it’s become readily apparent to me that we need one of these, considering some recent things that have been going on. Instead of setting a bunch of hard-coded rules that can be bullshitted around and all of that other fun stuff, I’m going to lay down just one:

What the Developers and Moderators say, goes.

Now, you may notice that’s a pretty broad rule. That’s the point. I think we’ve all been in places where folks just barely skirted the rules and acted out but weren’t punished because there wasn’t a rule specifically against acting like a moron. If you don’t piss anyone off, then you’re most likely not going to get in trouble. To that end, here’s a handy list of stuff that you should avoid doing because it tends to upset people: