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Hello, friends. So NOTD 2's development has been lagging behind a bit - I'm sure you've all noticed the lack of updates - so we've brought in someone to help us get up to speed.

Bounty needs little introduction to many of you, considering the popularity of Doodad Hunt. However, if that's not the case, his youtube channel has plenty of examples of what he can do. While we're not tapping his skills to make something crazy right now, we might in the future for some of the higher-level classes or crazier game modes.

Anyways, I'd like to extend a warm welcome to Bounty, and I encourage everyone else to do the same.
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Stereo is now NOTD 2's writer, which means he's going to be handling all of the lore and all of the mission threads and stuff. Feel free to bug him for all of the super secret details about NOTD's backstory, 'cause I'm too old and cranky to do it myself.
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The major problem with NOTD's Stat system is that, the longer you played, the more Stat points you accumulated and the more powerful you got with no drawback to compensate. I think that's more than a little goofy, so Stats are getting overhauled instead of the original concept where they just got upgraded.

This For That
The basis of the new Stat system revolves around the concept of taking from one area to improve another - if you want to improve a parameter, you must first incur a penalty in another.

Case-By-Case Customization
Each stat loadout will be specific to the class you apply them to, so you won't have to...
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Forward Observer 2.0

Major changes include:
  • The Forward Observer now has over 400 ability permutations to keep track of. Have fun.
  • The Forward Observer has two Submenus that the majority of their skills are stored under: Orbital Artillery and Mobile Infantry. While the 15 slots of the Command Card are very generous, my endeavor to boost the Forward Observer to absurd heights caused me to hit the limit almost immediately.
  • The Forward Observer no longer has limited Shells. This is due to Energy and Energy Boosts largely not mattering if the FO's limiting factor is their shell count. While having limited shells does lend a unique gameplay element to the Forward Observer, it invalidates too many other things to be worth it.
  • The Forward Observer no longer...
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The unfortunate truth is that the Gravity Gun is just too versatile. Not only does it have excellent damage and crowd control, it is an extremely useful tool that has many valuable support functions. Attempting to balance around it has been something of a nightmare, even in NOTD 2's less linear and more mobile setting.

However, while the Gravity Gun itself is gone, its spirit lives on in the Psi Ops' Telekinesis tree. All of the Gravity Gun's functions are replicated through Telekinesis abilities, and there's less of a chance for horrifying bugs from multiple grab effects due to the class limit.

I apologize for not being able to fit the Gravity Gun into NOTD 2 in its original form, but attempting to include the Gravity Gun in a way that I was satisfied with has been one of the major reasons that Mission production has been so slow. At the very least, one of the upsides of the Gravity Gun officially being cut is that I will be able to shell out missions faster because I will no...