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Version 1 Items
Consumables, Armors, Ammo Mods, and Accessories

Many changes have been made to the items of NOTD 2 since the alpha. This thread is to catalog the changes made and to make note of changes to come.

Visual Overhaul
First up on the list of changes is that the various item crates will be getting a facelift:

Left to right: Magazines, Ammo Boxes, Weapons, Armors, Ammo Mods, Accessories, Medkits, Mission Items

Canceled Items
As testing progressed and designs matured, it became evident that a large portion of the original item list was either superfluous or infringed on a class's given role. To that end, the following items are being removed:...
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Version 1 Weapons and Sidearms
pew pew

NOTD 2's Weapons and Sidearms are being adjusted to fit in with the new Armor systems.

Many damage and attack speed values have been adjusted based on preliminary testing. Since the majority of these changes are simple field adjustments, they will likely be one of the first things implemented when work starts on Version 1.

The "original" weapons based off of NOTD's can be found in this post.
The "variant" weapons that are new to the series can be found in Post #2.
The new Sidearm system and their stats are detailed in Post #3.

Detalles Importantes
  • All weapons will be available as Favored Weapons, meaning that players...
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Hello, friends. It's been a while since we talked about NOTD 2. Let's do that.

Why have there been no updates?
As of right now, the NOTD 2 team consists of Arcane, Commlink, and myself. Arcane has been busy working on NOTD with StanK and other community members. Commlink has been elsewhere, although the art assets he has created are more than sufficient for us to work with for the forseeable future.

As for myself, I've been busy with keeping things together from day to day - a couple friends of mine and a family member have passed on since my last update, and I just haven't had the motivation to interact with the community in any meaningful manner. It was a rapid-fire, one-disaster-after-another kind of thing, and I offer my most heartfelt apology in not communicating about my situation sooner.

On the upside, even though I've been unavailable, I never stopped working on NOTD 2's designs (although I do admit that I slowed down for a...
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Commlink has been hard at work expanding the stuff you'll be able to do to the various armors, and today I'm going to give you a peek of what he's been up to. In addition to the normal Camouflages, players will also be able to apply Chromes to their armor - that is to say, tint their armor a variety of colors without having to use a camouflage pattern.

This here is the default texture, "Steel", applied to the Basic armor set with a Team Color of Red. What should be mentioned is that because these previews are not in-game, the emissive bits aren't rendered - there's a face missing and some lights around the chest that are AWOL as well. However, we'll get you in-game images as quickly as we can so you can get a better look at what's going on. Anyways, without further ado:

Ceremonial: Also known as "Golden", made accessible to backers of the Kickstarter and...
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Stereo is now NOTD 2's writer, which means he's going to be handling all of the lore and all of the mission threads and stuff. Feel free to bug him for all of the super secret details about NOTD's backstory, 'cause I'm too old and cranky to do it myself.