NOTD Starcraft

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Hello everyone. Been a while. Sorry about that - life and other things got in the way.

What have you been up to?
Learning the editor, mostly. Also, I recently took a bunch of developer buddies of mine on a run of NOTD and NOTD 2. They liked it "so far", but had some pretty harsh criticisms, to the tune of:

  • Early game, various classes didn't feel very different. While this lends itself to the survival gameplay, it doesn't lend itself to the arcadey, shoot-'em-up gameplay that NOTD also caters to.
  • The Two Tree system is not very intuitive, and only provides the illusion of variety (even with the differing level effects that I went for with NOTD 2 designs) rather than the actuality.
  • Even though hybrid builds are possible, only a handful of them actually work. Of those that actually work, they're normally just "put x amount of points into token Tier 1 skill and then go into the other tree".
Having heard all...
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Commlink has been hard at work expanding the stuff you'll be able to do to the various armors, and today I'm going to give you a peek of what he's been up to. In addition to the normal Camouflages, players will also be able to apply Chromes to their armor - that is to say, tint their armor a variety of colors without having to use a camouflage pattern.

This here is the default texture, "Steel", applied to the Basic armor set with a Team Color of Red. What should be mentioned is that because these previews are not in-game, the emissive bits aren't rendered - there's a face missing and some lights around the chest that are AWOL as well. However, we'll get you in-game images as quickly as we can so you can get a better look at what's going on. Anyways, without further ado:

Ceremonial: Also known as "Golden", made accessible to backers of the Kickstarter and...
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Stereo is now NOTD 2's writer, which means he's going to be handling all of the lore and all of the mission threads and stuff. Feel free to bug him for all of the super secret details about NOTD's backstory, 'cause I'm too old and cranky to do it myself.
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The major problem with NOTD's Stat system is that, the longer you played, the more Stat points you accumulated and the more powerful you got with no drawback to compensate. I think that's more than a little goofy, so Stats are getting overhauled instead of the original concept where they just got upgraded.

This For That
The basis of the new Stat system revolves around the concept of taking from one area to improve another - if you want to improve a parameter, you must first incur a penalty in another.

Case-By-Case Customization
Each stat loadout will be specific to the class you apply them to, so you won't have to...
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Forward Observer 2.0

Major changes include:
  • The Forward Observer now has over 400 ability permutations to keep track of. Have fun.
  • The Forward Observer has two Submenus that the majority of their skills are stored under: Orbital Artillery and Mobile Infantry. While the 15 slots of the Command Card are very generous, my endeavor to boost the Forward Observer to absurd heights caused me to hit the limit almost immediately.
  • The Forward Observer no longer has limited Shells. This is due to Energy and Energy Boosts largely not mattering if the FO's limiting factor is their shell count. While having limited shells does lend a unique gameplay element to the Forward Observer, it invalidates too many other things to be worth it.
  • The Forward Observer no longer...